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Adventure on Land and Sea

I sit here on the balcony of my stateroom reflecting on the last few days cruising down the coast of California into Mexico. This is the blessing of a family vacation that on more than one occasion over the last 3 months I was not sure if I would get to take. For those who […]

Bon Voyage!!!!!

Been a little hectic this week as I prepare for our cruise, while working full time, well except for today when I have to get all my pre-surgery stuff done…not sure when this train is gonna stop and let me off. Been going through some nesting this past week/weekend. Had to clean out my closet […]


As Satan always seems to wants to do – he piles on the junk to see if he can break ya. Well this old girl is fighting it. I little tidbit I forgot in my last recap was the fact that JD had an accident. He is absolutely fine as was the other driver. The […]

“How I Met Your Mother” ROCKS!!

Good afternoon to all. I sit here on a Saturday afternoon trying to figure out why I feel so unsettled. If you can get past my gripe session – you may find some humor in all of this. Is it: That I look around this house, there is so much junk and unneeded stuff lying […]