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The Truth

You can’t handle the truth… Maybe I can’t handle the truth… but this is Exactly how I have been feeling – not pretty…but…if you would prefer not to hear me say something bad or negative, please do not read any further. I hope that Dr. Sidney Semrads’ (OB/GYN) – WIFE, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTERS as well […]

An Uninvited Visitor??!!!!

The damned follicle fairy came back, total freakin’ Indian giver. As a reminder to you – approximately 6 -8 weeks after the last infusion – the final punishment of chemo round one made its appearance when all of the eyelashes and eyebrows went away. Then they came back – though, if you remember I wasn’t […]

I Will Praise You In This Storm….

I am officially done with week one of radiation. WOOHOO!!!. 1 down 5 to go… I don’t feel it happening but I am starting to get a couple red areas already : ( I am also very tired. Not sure if it is just the additional radiation tired or the weight of the world tired […]

Blessings abound…and you are one…

Well I am California bound for my last Hooray before the final treatment leg of this journey begins. I will have the chance to spend my first 2 days with a great friend from High School. Nothing too strenuous in the plan and some excitement at least for me. Upon arrival Marcia picks me up […]