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Igniting Passion with a Purpose …

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with an amazing group of ladies. A friend of mine invited me to help her Butler (be the ‘Girls Friday’ on Friday-Saturday & Sunday) for the team he sister was walking with in for the Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. Her sister is a 9 […]

Life is Precious, Love is Essential, Joy is Contagious, Find Peace in the Storms…

First off I did not have the expander placement surgery, I saw my Oncologist a few days before I was to have it and he seemed concerned that I may be rushing it… considering everything I have been and am going through, the fact that I am having more pain in my chest wall and […]

It is never Same ole Same Ole…hahaha

I went to the oncologist last Wednesday and as I said he said my blood work is good at this time but much of what else he said just left me very unsettled and unhappy at this time … (the 3 to 5 years piece). The thoughts of this have made my sleep more restless […]