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This Can’t Be Good

Today I went to the breast surgeon for my 3 week post fill appointment. I am not necessarily surprised with what happened just frustrated… really frustrated. In walks the Dr. – happy, smiling, jovial as usual… looks at the file then he walks over and looks at my chest… walks back and looks at the […]

Trekkin’ 4 TaTa’s

Happy Saint Patti’s Day It so rocks that I not only have my own day but that I am a saint… JK I know this is FAR from the truth. But once a year it is worth it to pretend. This is just a quick update and some news to share. I am CRAZY… pretend […]

What Happens in ATLANTA…

There was a time in my life where the acquisition of things or frivolous spending/opportunities of others even those I do not know would make me jealous or at the least make me wonder what it would be like. It is all perspective, priority and preference. I sat in first class on a plane to […]