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From the highest of highs… To…?

So from the highest of highs to the depths…

I have spent the past five days with my sister in law Lori little and her new wonderful  husband Jimmy and my nephews… Well JD was with us too.  Had a great time hanging out.  She had some family over for us on Sunday whom I have not seen for 13 years.  A lifetime to some… But the funny thing is I didn’t feel so out  of it since we are Fb friends Lol.  I must say I ate the best food in the world the entire time and quite a lot of it too.   Lori is amazing she is one of those moms who still cooks the amazing delicious well rounded meals for her family. I never seemed to have time for this nor anyone to model this for me.  They say ‘more is caught than taught’  Now I  wish I had.  Thou I believe much of this activity and trait has as much to do with time, financial resources as well as how you grew up.  I grew up with a single working mom who was gone 12 to 14 hours a day.  So less time and energy at the end of her day.

We went for walks, hung out, went 2 watch two of my nephews play basketball.  Baked… Okay she baked I watched.  But it was fun none the less. Discovered how easy it is to make ‘Patti’s crack cookies’… This could be dangerous.  Holly Lake Ranch is beautiful country roads with tree lined streets, deer in the yard, bunnies and squirrels all over.  My kind of place.  I am a country girl stuck in the city … Oh and Mosquitos… They must think I am tasty.   Guess you take the good with the bad.  Already trying to figure out when I can go back.

So I get to the airport for the flight to San Antonio for surgery.  Called my voicemail there was a message from my surgeon’s office that surgery now set for 230 Thursday which was reset from 3 on Thursday which was reset from 8 am Friday.  So I called the office to confirm that I would be at the hospital at 1230 as was requested.   Only to then be told that Dr.  Chrysopolou has to cancel my surgery.  I am at the gate in the airpot when this is happening and I am ready to board a plane Rich  had left Phoenix  90 minutes earlier to meet me in San Antonio. All I could do at this point was Cry… Cry… Cry.  While sitting on the airplane waiting for boarding to continue, I get a call from Dr.C.   His reason and need to be away is most certainly the priority.  His father lives in England and is very I’ll.  So without doubt, question or a second thought… I know truth is  his fathers life and Dr.C’s need to be with him is definitely of greater importance than my breasts.  I have time and time is not  his side. Bright side a mini vacation with my hubby  for Fathers Day.  

As many of you know… This is my second attempt at reconstruction because the first attempt failed due to radiation damage.  I did a ton of research visited the two most highly rated practices in the country for DIEP surgery and spoke to the 2 surgeons that came most highly recommend to me for this procedure.  Lots of homework went into this decision.  I wanted to have the best possible Dr. In my opinion for me … Without question that is Dr C.   Then as you may also know I was that one case a year that as Dr. C  would say… Keeps him humble and reminds him how important remaining in this game is.    I know him to be meticulous, detailed, compassionate and a perfectionist.  Only to now be told he is not going to  be able to do it.   I have two choices… wait and reset so that I can make sure that the Dr.  I know, trust and believe in will do the surgery later.   or… Have one of the other Dr’s in the practice do the procedure.  Either way not ideal as I would need/want to wait until after the 3rd week in August so as not to interfere with already planned vacation and time with my peeps.    Which means the finalization of all of this will definitely not be until the end of November beginning of December.  But I would much rather wait for my doc… So there is a chancre we will be heading home sooner than expected. After the immediate shock of this I am 100 percent okay with this.  Trust that God is in this and all is his plan and time.

But my day of excitement and the unplanned continues.. lol…  The plane taxied  out to the runway then turned around  because of  an engine failure notification.  Seems for me if it can go awry it will go awry.  LOL

Time to shutdown for landing, back to you later.

Landed last night.  Hubby had the rental car and we headed on over to the  hotel?  While I was up up away, things changed.  My hubby talked PRMA and was told that they cancelled a morning DIEP procedure and moved me into that time  slot.  I did call my doctor on the way to the hotel as he asked me do.  I told him I am not a priority in this situation he is.  He assured me it was the right and best thing to do all the way around.  So surgery resolved and on for 830 tomorrow am, doing a DIEP and being able to make a 4pm flight would have been cutting it close.  So back on with explicit instruction to walk slot and drink a great deal of water of which I did both.  So time for bed and an early wake up call.

Goodnight and I appreciate all the prayers.  Know God is in this and orchestrated things for me.

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