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There’s a Prayerful Healing Event Goin’ on in San Antonio!!

First of all, before we spread the GOoD (you know what I mean here!) news about Patti’s recovery, Please say a prayer for all of the people that are/were affected by the Earthquake & Tsunami, in Japan and around the world!! Let God’s Love, Hope & Presence felt with all those that know him, and for the ones that don’t, please let their hearts be open to hear & feel HIS Presence, Hope and Love!

“(2 Corinthians 1:2-5 NIV) Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We continue to THANK ALL of YOU for the Prayers!! Patti’s been smothered with it!  There continues to be a Prayer Flood going on in San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital room 551!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  (did I say THANK YOU already?? HMMM…)

70 hours after surgery and all is GOoD (Perfect, Remember?!)!!!

Yesterday she was so happy to be able to sit in the chair, instead of laying in the bed.  The only downside were those TED (Anti-embolism compression) stockings that were cutting into her leg.  Also, that fern persistent itching (can you say BENADRYL).  That’ll stop the itch, but it’ll also knock you right out.  Yes, she slept VERY well!

The blood vessels that were of concern appear to be healing NICELY!!  There is this cool little, NOISY, box (Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Detector), we’ll just call it the Doppler, they use it to listen to the blood flow.  When we hear WOOSH, SWOOSH, WOOSH, then we know everything is flowing as it should.  (Don’t ask me to say that again!)  She also got to eat solid food for the first time.  It was a momentous day!!

Today was Patti’s first trip out of the room and half way around (Kinda like a VICTORY LAP eh Jim) the hospital floor.  (Seems like an odd way just to get her to sit down in the chair next to her bed???)   Anyway, As you ALL know, Patti’s extremely strong, and of course she made the trip with flying colors.  We’re only gonna do 2 trips today, though.  Don’t want to stress the incisions too much!

Tomorrow, she’ll have more of the same.  We’ll probably get to take 4 complete laps around the floor.  It’ll be kinda like NASCAR Final Practice!!!       :-D Let’s go Racing!!!!

A special thanks goes to Dad & Paulette.  We received your flowers today.  They are beautiful!!

Please continue to pray that God’s healing touch will continue to heal and give her strength for her to begin the next step of the journey.  Please Pray that Patti’s pain is minimal as she begins to move around and become more mobile.  Please continue to pray that God’s presence is felt in Patti and that she feels his HEALING touch!!

We also want to send a special thanks to all of those people that have send well wishes, via all forms of communication (Facebook, Text, Email, Voice…..).  There are too many to mention, and I’d be afraid to miss one!! Please know that you’re Love, Prayers, and well wishes are greatly appreciated!!

In Jesus’ Name…. AMEN!!

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  1. Take it easy on those laps! 😉 Psalms 30:2… He will hel you as you cry out to Him. We love you! When do you two get home?

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