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It has been a long time between updates and I am sorry. Sometimes I just don’t think everyone wants to hear what’s going on and I hate to bother or burden people.

As you may know I had surgery on the 12th of December. This procedure was done in Scottsdale so it saved travel time and expense. I specifically had some symmetry work done and the ADD-A-NIP-TO-Me. Spent a night in the hospital then came home to a week of couch living .

As far as the procedure I have to say I was quite shocked when I was un-bandaged a week after the surgery because I swear you could see the newly created nipples from the international space station (you should have heard the exchange from the Russian, Chinese and Italian station residents – quite entertaining). They looked huge really beyond huge. Everyone said they would get smaller and I didn’t believe them…. But I am here to say they do. Even drastically so. There is still some symmetry work to be done (if I decide I can’t live with the lack of it) at this point I do not know. I go back to see the surgeon early next month and we will talk then. Either way I am hoping to get my newest TATTOO’s in early March and hoping to be able to get the 3D version so they look as real as possible.

I do however have a prayer request – after the last surgery I developed this crazy itch. I don’t mean a little spot that is itchy… I mean my entire body itches all the time. Itching to the point that I literally have drawn blood scratching and the more I scratch the more I need to scratch. I asked the Dr (breast surgeon) – he has no idea what is causing it, he gave me a script for an allergy med but it is not really working, so for the past 6 weeks I have been living on Benadryl and every over the counter anti itch lotion/spray/ointment… etc. after doing some research It seems that body itch without the presence of visible lesions/rash/redness can have a number of reasons… of which liver disease, kidney disease and some cancers (non hodgkins lymphoma and leukemia) could exist. I see my oncologist on the 31st. I will have blood work done the day before which tests a number of things and will be hopeful that there is a reason other than cancer as the result. If nothing shows up then I will ask him to do some additional testing specifically for the cancers listed as they probably are not things looked at in my current bloodwork.

Because of the issue that developed after the most recent surgery I decided to cancel hand surgery figuring maybe my body has had enough with the surgeries int he past year. So we will deal with that later. Hoping it does not get to be too problematic again. But know that I made the right choice at least for now.

Christmas was wonderful. Loved seeing the joy in the faces of Mason and Benjamin when they came downstairs on Christmas morning. JD is a bit old to respond that way and it was sweet to see it. We spent the morning with Rich’s side of the family and then had my side and some friends over for dinner at the house. It was the perfect day except the cleanup and excessive sweets that I could not resist. LOL

New years was spent with Kim and Ed it is so great to have them close by I missed my velcro…. Rich and I had a chance to enjoy both local bowl games with some friends and had a great time. Then we ran to California to celebrate the wedding of Jen and Michael. What an incredible blessing this was, the love of family and friends and the Lord’s presence was so evident. We were able to stay with friends we hadn’t seen in a while and I was rather busy building up to the big day and on wedding day ran like a chicken with my head cut off… but seeing these 2 amazing people be able to marry and begin life together was incredible. It has taken them over 3 years and 2 states of residence and multiple job and personal obligations. It was weird as I stood up to toast the couple and it brought back a flood of memories to the point I had to stop thinking… Jen and Michael met at the Phoenix airport after one of her visits here to Pattisit after chemotherapy. I did get out he was first lovingly referred to as Airport Mike but has been upgraded permanently. But beyond that it was hard to speak without there being tears in my eyes and I didn’t want to go there on her special day.

I also began my year with ‘Jesus Calling’ a wonderful devotional and the first of the daily entries was my life verse… Jer 29:11. How inspiring to have God remind me as my year began of his love. I know now I need to refocus on my relationship with him and on me. Rich and I have decided to do Weight Watchers for at least the next 3 months and see what happens. We both have considerable amounts of weight to lose and I also need to get training for the 3 day 2012. So 2012 is going to be a year committed to getting back in touch with my relationship with God, getting to know myself again and planning lifestyle choices to be in better overall health.

So there it is a quick down and dirty update. Welcome to 2012. Please no more Cancer

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