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Breathing 4 a Bit & Ways 2 Help

I am relieved…. yesterday was the day…. well one of 4 days a year (every 3 months) that I both look forward to and dread at the same time. it is the day i go to see the oncologist and pray with everything i can (and with whatever others can offer in joining me) that the cancer has not returned that tumor markers remain low and in control and that no other issues present. Yesterday I got good news. My vitamin D was a little low and BP a bit high… both things I can deal with. So thank you for joining me.

I have been getting tired of dr visits… well maybe not all dr but therapy really. I spent 6 weeks goign to therapy for plantar fasciatis on my left foot… to no avail… it is no better which means I am still in pain which really annoys me when i have to think of getting out there and training for the 3 day. then about 3 1/2 weeks ago i began therapy again for my lymphedema. It too is a 3 times a week and I have to drive an hour each way. UGGG. But the clinic i go to is highly recommended by people i trust. women like myself who have this condition and have received treatment and relief. the first place i went to for therapy there was no change and the therapist spent about 20 minutes with me and the rest of the time i was on my own to exercise. At CORAL i do exercises with the therapist , then they spend a good deal of time (25-35 minutes) doing MLD (manual lymph drainage) massage then I use a pump to try and push fluid away from my arm. So far some relief happy about this. Unhappy that they clinic will be moving even further away which will minimize my visits. Scary and wish there was a reputable place close by but will try to manage this as best I can.

So I have some great news Trekkin 4 Tata’s 3 day and the YSC-Phoenix affiliate have been given the unique opportunity to be a part of an MMA event at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. The date is May 12th (Saturday Night before Mother’s Day), so please consider attending this event and using the promo code 10FIGHTER so that the Breast cancer charities get credit and support. We will also have a raffle of some great autographed items.

If you are a book lover please consider looking for my store on Amazon… I am selling a bunch of books on the website all money that i make on the books is going to be donated to the walk. so shop for great deals. The majority of the books are brand new.

lastly i ask you to remember those who are fighting or have lost their lives to cancer (EVERY CANCER) and for the families that are forever changed. I have lost friends this year and also know a number of women in treatment and advanced stage disease. thank you

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