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Dang it. “WRONG TURN”

This isn’t where I wanted to go… Not where I want to be… But absolutely a blessing to be able to… Change…. Same…. New… I am sitting here for the first time in over two years and reflecting on history and future… You see December 1,2008 I celebrated 6 years… Years since I had the […]

5 Yrs ago it was the NOTHING… that Changed my Life FOREVER

I was going to say FEELS like forever since I last updated… but then I checked the date of the last post and I can say it officially HAS been. 5 ½ months – A new year…. so much … I have been trying to figure out who I want to be when I grow […]

Change is GOOD? !

Life seems to be moving forward at a standstill. I had 3 surgeries last year. All of them trying to give me back physically what cancer took from me over 3 years ago. While it is worlds better than the first attempt which resulted in bent ribcage, excruciating pain and visible deformity, I am still […]

Breathing 4 a Bit & Ways 2 Help

I am relieved…. yesterday was the day…. well one of 4 days a year (every 3 months) that I both look forward to and dread at the same time. it is the day i go to see the oncologist and pray with everything i can (and with whatever others can offer in joining me) that […]


It has been a long time between updates and I am sorry. Sometimes I just don’t think everyone wants to hear what’s going on and I hate to bother or burden people. As you may know I had surgery on the 12th of December. This procedure was done in Scottsdale so it saved travel time […]

You Are MORE!!

You Are More Lyrics Artist(Band):Tenth Avenue North Review The Song (17) Print the Lyrics Send “You Are More” Ringtones to Cell There’s a girl in the corner With tear stains on her eyes From the places she’s wandered And the shame she can’t hide She says, “How did I get here? I’m not who I […]

Excuses – Excuses – Excuses

Just call me slacker. LOL. Feels like I have been away from this place forever. Doing a lot of things yet seeming like my days should not have gotten away from me the way that they have. I kept myself busy for a good portion of October with ‘All Things Pink’. trust when I say […]


Unintended – not intended; unplanned Consequence – the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier. Cancer sucks. I so wish there was a cure or a way to just make it never appear in the lives of anyone. The unfortunate reality is it does appear. It is painful, heartbreaking and ugly while at the […]

What The ‘F’ – please don’t assume I have said something wrong!!!

With all the issues and the last minute change in my June surgery, I am not sure everyone is up to speed. So first off it was done and it went well. The procedure itself was symmetry on the top side and scar revision on the DL (okay the abdomen to be exact). Though I […]

There’s a Prayerful Healing Event Goin’ on in San Antonio!!

First of all, before we spread the GOoD (you know what I mean here!) news about Patti’s recovery, Please say a prayer for all of the people that are/were affected by the Earthquake & Tsunami, in Japan and around the world!! Let God’s Love, Hope & Presence felt with all those that know him, and […]

From the highest of highs… To…?

So from the highest of highs to the depths… I have spent the past five days with my sister in law Lori little and her new wonderful  husband Jimmy and my nephews… Well JD was with us too.  Had a great time hanging out.  She had some family over for us on Sunday whom I […]

Clean… High… Cali Bound…

I am sitting in the oncologists office and thinking back to the many hours I spent here just a couple years ago. Time that while both seeming so long ago (a lifetime in some ways… a different time, a different place, a different Patti) seems all too recent (pain still close to the surface, fear […]

So how ’bout them JUGS

8 weeks since my surgery. Wow. How does time fly by so rapidly yet seem like nothing has happened. I spent the first 2.5 weeks in San Antonio in varying stages of drug induced wakefulness and reality. My days seemed to roll one into another and I wasn’t even sure what was what from one […]


I am 2 weeks out of surgery. I feel better daily. No, it’s not easy and pain free but I can do this. I have been through so much and this is just the next step in this journey. I have had my heart broken, my faith tested, my trust in medical professionals rocked to […]


I am now a week out of Surgery. Living in a hotel for the next almost 2 weeks. Wednesday – Surgery Day. Pretty much a blur for me. We checked in to the hospital at 6:30 and surgery was at 8:30. I remember being wheeled in to the OR and transferred to the operating table… […]